Dyson DC01 Suction Problem

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Before doing anything with the Dyson cleaner, try washing the filters (or replacing them, if you've got spares handy). They will wash by hand, and if you get lots of fine powder from them it means they've been clogged and the vacuum can't get enough air through them. Dry them for a day over a radiator, then replace them. Bingo (if you're lucky and there's nothing else amiss with your Dyson).
We've just restored our 10 year old Dyson to "perfect" working order, and I was about to replace it, having dismantled it and found absolutely nothing wrong and couldn't restore the suction. Now, the suction is awesome, the fluff whizzes around the cylinder as new and the wand suction is back to what it should be.
By the way, if this doesn't work, try the rest of the suggestions on the Dyson website! It's where I discovered this one.
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