Dyson DC01 poor suction.

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There are two main areas that cause poor suction in DC01s, a blocked wand or a blocked sole plate. Both are not always as obvious as they may seem as in the case of the wand, it can appear clear at both ends. However, at the point where it curves is where coins like to live. Remove the wand and look down it against a strong light source, if you don't see anything obvious, try dropping a small pebble or marble down it. If everything is ok, it will be worth checking the hose. You can remove the hose by pushing in the tab which is located behing the clear bin at the bottom.  Systematically pull lengths of hose and check in between the coils especially near the wand cuff. The problem at the other end is normally the sole plate itself as it contains a small duct that becomes blocked with fluff. Owners normally remove the sole plate and put it to one side, see nothing obvious and replace it. The fluff is easily removed using a piece of curtain wire or some other flexible implement. Remember its plastic though and try not to be too firm.Periodically, its also a good idea to check the brush bar bearings as they become choked by dust. Simply pull of the end caps and scrape the dust out, place a small, single drop of 3 in 1 or WD40 into the bearing (after removing the fabric washer) and everything should run better. Incidently, the fabric washer sits smooth side out. It is extremely rare for a DC01 cyclone to block, but if you feel it needs replacing, I have some ready-cleaned items in my ebay shop. If you find that this guide has been useful, could you please indicate so at the end. Many thanks for taking the time to read. Gordon. 
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