E bay rules

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I have just read comments regarding inflexable e bay rules, I to have come across these, I placed a bid on an item on e bay (Table) I placed the bid early and the auction run its course, lucky for me (so I thought) no one else placed a bid so I had the winning bid, the seller obviously not happy with this, e mailed me and said not to pay as he had sold it elsewhere, I reported it to e bay and left negative feedback, only to receive negative from the now non seller, I asked ebay to remove the negative left for me as I did not have had any dealings with the seller other than it was they who have refused to abide by the rules and not me, the feedback left was unfair as I was still willing to proceed, e bay stated that this did not come under the criteria for removing negative feedback. Seems they can remove it when it suits them, but really not bothered if you have a problem, no action seems to have been taken against the seller who refused to abide by the rules, so whats the point in having them.

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