E baying for beginners,and others too.

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I like E Bay,its useful and gives you an opportunity to trade, buy and sell all over the place.I get an enormous amount of enjoyment out of discovering the items I have looked for a long time,and finding them.Like all things though there are drawbacks,you need to be careful with whom you trade,what you pay for the items you want,how you get them etc.Always look at feedback,if the feedback of the person you intend to deal with is poor, it will be so for a reason,and you need to be aware of this.Avoid these people if possible,read the feedback left and make your own mind up.it is not unusual for people to sell items cheaply,then charge ridiculously high postage rates.Nor is it unusual for people to "sell" goods they either do not have,do not wish to sell all of a sudden,or avoid selling because they have sold privately and allowed bids to be placed on as a listing.This is the exception though I would say and not the rule if you are careful in your bidding and are thorough in the research and value of the item you are after,if you are bidding beyond what an item is worth-it,s not a bargain.Likewise if you pay too much for an item,it is your fault entirely,do your homework,read your listings and ask questions if you need to,because the winning bidder is bound by legal agreement to pay up.Be warned.I hate to leave bad feedback for anyone,it should not be neccessary and is a very last resort,but where I have needed to I have.Charlatans need to be exposed,those who would cheerfully and more or less anonymously rip you off have no place on here,they are bad news.As are liars,and there,s some of those too,but again the vast majority on here are fine,honourable people,I have had items sent before I have paid,dealt with some really lovely people in the process too.Likewise I have dealt with one or two less than desirable people who I have had to pursue via paypal as they have not honoured their side of what is in all fairness a "bargain".The owness is on both seller and buyer to fulfill their respective sides of the agreement.Always if you can pay via paypal,the transaction is recorded,your case will be fought if need be under their dispute procedures,and refund extracted by them from the other party,s paypal account,to pay you back.Excellent.Do not be browbeaten by accusation or threats from the other party should these arise,E Bay has helpful policies and procedures and will help you if you contact them.You can purchase just about anything you can imagine on here,and I have been astounded at times at what people will buy and pay for.But it,s a big world,and "vive la difference"as they say.So to re-cap,ask questions,do your homework,re value of the item,postage,etc because the owness is on you to make sure you are getting what it is you want,that it is genuine,worth what you are paying just as it is the owness of the seller to advertise the item honestly,with regard to completeness,faults,genuinity of the item and that it is bona fide.Communicate with your seller at all times,just as they should with you-but they do not always!.Be honest in your buying and selling,honest in the feedback you leave,be fair-items take time to arrive in post or whatever,so give them time.Look at the sellers feedback FIRST,before you bid,then form your opinion from that,really good sellers will have a rosette and their write ups will be excellent as a rule.Observe at all times E Bay,s policies,procedures and ask them for help if you need it,I have asked many times and they have always come through with a positive response.Good luck,happy E Baying,and may all your deals be good ones.


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