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E-Bay has many Kipling bags being sold, so how can you make sure your purchase is a genuine one? Look carefully at the photos, and don't be afraid to ask a seller for more details if you can't see what you are looking for. If the bag has a furry monkey check that the name label is UNDER its left arm. Next check the stitching, there should be no broken threads or visible knots. Look at the round rubber logo, if the bag is in a plain fabric then the logo should be in a nearly identical colour.  The final thing is there should be a white label inside the bag stating the product code and name. (Eg K12776-755). If there isn't a photo of this label then ask for the relevant details then google the code! This would ensure that the item being sold matches up with what it actually is.. The example code I showed was for a lacquer bronze tablet case so if that code turns up in any other item then its obviously a fake. One last thing to check wont help with E-Bay purchases but is handy for "boot sale" purchases, and that's the weight, fakes are sometimes heavier because of the cheaper fabric used. I hope someone out there finds this information useful.
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