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I feel compelled to write this as EBAY often get the sharp end of the stick.I bought a number of CD's,5,from a seller who's P&P costs for a CD were £1.80.They were all bought within the last few hours of me finding them before they ended on Auction.I bid for all 5 and won them all.I then did as is the usual and asked for the P&P costs for all 5 CD's,as there hadn't,in this case,been enought time to ask the seller beforehand what the savings on P&P might be.

Some might say I was a bit naive,and I should not have bid,but if you look,there are thousands of seller who do not say anything about Postage Discounts on their site,but who do when asked.How many times have yopu seen an Item you want with an hour or less to go 'til the Auction closes?,not really any time for questions is there?.

I got an Invoice for £0.20p off each CD for the P&P costs for FIVE CD's from the UK to the UK,so no overseas worries.A BIG saving huh?....I queried it,and received another Invoice for the same amount without any explanation or contact from the seller.I told him that I was not prepared to pay that extortionate amount for something which would amount to £5.00 at the very most for P&P.In fact the CD's cost less than the P&P!!.

Me?,I ask for £1.50 for 1st Class Delivery for the first CD and 50p for each after on 'extra' CD's.

I have used EBAY,buying and selling,for eight {8} years and that seller was the worst I ever had the misfortune to deal with,and he is barred form ever using my site,and I dearly wish I could name and shame him.

I got in touch with EBAY thru' their 'help' desk,and the chap was very good at handling my complaint of extortion,and asked me that if,or when,he sent me an UNPAID ITEM complaint,I was to contact EBAY again at that point.7 days later,they arrived,all five of them.I immediately contacted EBAY,and they then took over with the 'Seller'.They acceded to my request that I not pay the money asked for,and that if the seller wsn't prepared to find a happy end to the so-called sale,he would not be able to leave me negative feedback.This was accepted by me,and the 'sale' was ended.i didn't leave any feedback at all for the seller,I thought it was anything but worthwhile to do so.

EBAY dealt with this seller in the way every buyer would like,and to not be fleeced for P&P costs.If you gave a P&P dispute with a seller,or your the seller?,EBAY most certainly WILL help as they did for me.

I have since gotten all of the 5 CD's elswhere at reasonable P&P costs.So my advice is,use EBAY as it is meant to be used,when help is needed they come through,well done EBAY,and a big 'thank you'.

Murray,   haggis-n-neeps

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