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Dear Readers,

Hacking is a problem in many areas of our lives notoriously credit cards and bank accounts. Hacking into ebay and paypal accounts is also a big problem that can lead to false bids, account suspension and taking funds out of your paypal account. BEWARE !!!!

Ebay or Paypal will never send you emails telling you to 'click on to the link and log in to your account or you will be suspended'. As a result report these emails and ensure you do not pass on any private information. If you get any emails asking you to log into a link either ignore them and log into ebay by your usual means, or forward the email to spoofs at ebay via the help button at the top of the page and they will let you know if the email was sent from ebay or not. If in any doubt always contact ebay and let them deal with it.

I am sure at some stage all of you will have received a fraudulent email like this.

Also ensure you change your passowrd frequently and add letters and numbers ensuring it is extremely difficult to hack into your account. The longer and more unique your password the more secure you will be. Never keep your password or account details in an easy to find place. I would also not recommend you to have these saved on your PC.

Good luck with your ebaying and please don't forget to give me a positive vote.

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