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Have you had any issue with eBay recently, regardless if you did or not here is how eBay act.
Customer service !!! there is no such a customer service by email it is all copy past reply .
having an issue with purchase from which the seller has some favoritism inside ebay , here is the reply
I have looked at the matter and found the item delivered by postal service rather than by seller's because of this the seller aren't responsible about the damage caused to the item . THIS IS WHERE EBAY DISHONOR THEY OWN POLICY TO PROTECT SOMEONE THEY KNEW AND  THINK THEY CAN GO AWAY WITH BUT THE FACT IS YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY BACK THROUGH THE TRADING STANDARD OR GET £5000 COMPENSATION THROUGH SMALL CLAIM COURT ACTION 
in recent purchase i had on ebay, i received all in one pc in pieces  with  no packing material  apart from some brown paper , surely it has been delivered in pieces there no way it would arrive in one piece, when i asked to return the item 2/3 weeks later eBay refuse the case and claim it has been delivered by a postal service not by the seller as a result it is not the seller fault, they asked me to take the matter with postal service, not just that they also remove the negative feedback i have left for the seller .
this is how eBay act when the seller have someone working on eBay . so the money back guarantee doesn't apply here and even they feedback policy doesn't count either 
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