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Hello , i though i would just run i little idea i have had regarding Ebays feedback system.

Firstly the old one and the current one are utter rubbish.

Now listen to this........

1: Buyer wins his/her auction.

2: Buyer pays for item.

3: Seller has to leave feedback for the item before feedback points are awarded. Buyer gets points awarded.

4: Buyer then leaves feedback for the item.  Seller now has points awarded.

Now there are a few rules to this as follows.......

If the seller does not leave any feedback then he/she is docked 5 feedback points!

If the buyer does not leave any feedback he/she also loses 5 feedback points!

If the seller does not leave feedback , the buyer can still leave feedback. This prevents a bad seller with a feedback of 1046 , who would not mind losing 5 points here and there, from ivading the feedback rules, and the buyer can highlight any problems they have had.

The seller cannot post a reply to any feedback received when they have not left any feedback for the buyer.

If you like this idea then vote for it and maybe Ebay will listen to us all.

Remember without us Ebay are nothing.

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