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I have been selling on eBay for over 5 years. The Feedback system changed recently and to be quite honest (as I'm sure most original honest memebers would agree), it SUCKS! Buyers can leave negative feedback for sellers by lying throuh their teeth (or whatever orifice they communicate with!). Personally - I find newbie memeers a problem & those who have found their seller ratings drop. I have had 2 TWO - YEP ONLY TWO!!!! negative feedback responses & after 5 years hard work + dedication my feedback score has gone to 98.2%. SELLERS make ebay their profits like income & without us there wouldnt be any BUYERS!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - Read all of a sellers FEEDBACK (well... at least a months worth!)... to see how they really stand when it comes to HONESTY + TRUST!!!...

Not just the auctual feedback score because a c2 idiots who cant read listings or helpful reply emails have to screw it up!

Phew! - Many thanks for reading

P.S - Please vote if your a seller in the same boat as me, or a buyer who wants to keep eBay the way it should be - HELPFULL, HONEST, VERY FAIR & most of all GREAT BARGAINS WITH REFUNDS AVAILABLE!

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