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Ebays policies are that as such that it should be a competitive market place,we are supposed to be their UK Version outlet, so why is ebay Uk making us compete with overseas Sellers on Ebay U.K ? They are all over ebay U.K in mass listed catergories.

Be it Clothes, electrical, musical, phones just about everything....... These sellers are not subject to our U.K taxes, vat, or Laws etc  not to mention higher listing costs.Surely if the customer wanted to buy  imported goods they would log onto ebay DE  or ebay China... get my point !!

They are forcing us to have it all shoved in our face in every catergory and the U.K sellers are being drowned out and squeezed out.. theres no mention of IMPORT taxes etc.or the post taking 6 weeks etc

Ebay should make these people list in their own countries that way if we want to buy the items we will search for them, why call it EBAY UK ? as it no longer is........

China is the main manufacturer of the world now, with india coming a close 2nd  we cannot make here in Britain using the same ethics as health and safetly would close us down and minimum wages etc do have to be maintained, we also have insurances for our businesses (employers liabilty, public liabity, ni and tax) most i know in India are run from back streets, so ebay does not take into account the way we have to work in britain and extra overheads we have to cover, they just palm us off by saying that its healthy competition and we should run ebay as a level playing field !!

This is why as a new seller you would get the same level of help as a seller who has been running for years and has built up her/his customer base, and followed ebays rules by the book, if you are a good seller you should be praised and rewarded by ebay telling its customers you are a trusted genuine shop, but no nothing only a powerseller logo that you can get by selling 100 items ? doesnt somehow seem fair does it ? Ebay did a promotion trying to get more businesses on here and we went along to be a prestige ebay seller and tell these other business people that they should come to ebay with their products, but recieved nothing , we later ran a  national newspaper  article and had the daily mail at our offices for 6 hours only for ebay to not put our shop name in the article !! its always take take take, so please can you all stand with me on this and vote this comment (bottom of page please) this way ebay will listen, the higher up this comment gets posted the more chance we have to get them to rethink !!!!!!!

if you are a seller or buyer it is in your interest to keep ebay uk to just that........EBAY UK

 If ebay doesnt curb this influx now, it will put all us genuine uk sellers off from listing on here so the poor buyers will have no choice left to take their pick from it will all be the same stuff, its already happening in clothing, look through ballgowns and see how many uk sellers are left selling them !! or music cds its a joke........

thanks for reading this, if you found my comments helpful please vote for me below at least ebay will know im not alone here.....


love Joanne xxx

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