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After recently being ripped off by an ebaying CONMAN - ANDYSINCLAIR registered in Ireland & also due to PayPal's ridiculous and unscrupulous rules about supporting the buyer 100%, I thought it was time to bring this Con/scam info to all the Ebay sellers attention once again!

Some people wonder why i will not accept Paypal payment any more for any item's, even if its only a few pounds. Fairly simple really.....because it's easy to be ripped off by conmen when PayPal/EBAY will support the Buyer every time!

If cheques took 90 days to clear would you accept them as a form of payment ?  NO, of course you wouldn't and buyers would not want to wait that long anyway.  If you accept money via Paypal it is not safe to call it yours for 90 days as during that period, dishonest buyers can recall the payment with the most pathetic excuse. 

Paypal now issue the refund regardless of how much you have in your paypal account and even leave you with a negative balance, and guess what? when you use paypal to buy anything on ebay, they take out the money to cover the negative balance as well as the amount for the item you have purchased straight out of your bank account as i have just recently found out!

A good example to you is recently an ebayer known as ANDYSINCLAIR who is registered in ireland purchased an item from me, he received it a couple of days after paying and then within hours of receipt he filed a dispute with Paypal. The crazy thing is, to rub the salt into the wound further, midway through the dispute the cheeky barsteward left me positive feedback for the item as well!

He would not respond to emails, Paypal just wouldn't listen, Ebay just wouldn't listen, Paypal of course sided with the buyer (as they always do) and gave him a FULL refund! despite me providing them with the receipt from the post office as evidence of postage (not registered/signed for unfortunately) and telling them that the claim was fraudulent, they just sent me an email to say the case was closed !

He still has the item and now has his money back. 

DO NOT TRUST PAYPAL - It's a big scam, not only the fees they charge are high but they will simply just take money from sellers accounts and give it to these thieves.

I can only imagine that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the problem and that there are hundreds of sellers who get conned via Paypal each week - SO do not let this happen to you - refuse to accept it as a payment option - there are many alternatives.

If you really want to take Paypal then fine but don't complain when you lose your money to a thief.                

Report Paypal fraud to the FSA, Financial ombudsman and Watchdog - if they get enough complaints they will do something about it.  The ombudsman is there to look into individual complaints and they have had cause to look into Paypal complaints before. It can take months but it's worth it to stop Paypal scamming you out of money.

A few tips if you really do want to accept Paypal - send EVERYTHING recorded / special delivery if its a small item and put the tracking info in the paypal payments screen so the paypal staff and they buyer can see the tracking number. If it is a large item - use a good courier service with tracking facilities and again input the tracking number.

Also insist on confirmed / verified addresses or you will not be covered by the seller protection (not that it's much good).

Do not let them get away with it - Ebay should be a safe place for sellers to trade and Paypal make it anything but safe for sellers. 


OH! and a message for ANDYSINCLAIR... i hope you can sleep well at night you good for nothing thieving SCUMBAG!

what goes around, comes around... and your time will come!


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