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Here is the reason why I decided to write this particular guide  I won`t let people like francesca112008 to threaten me and my family just because ebay allows aggresive and rude behaviour and they don`t do NOTHING to try protect innocent people from nasty scammers like francesca112008

Okay so she has 100% positive feedback but it certainly doesn`t make her so innocent , it is obvious she might have done the same thing to lots of other sellers not only to me but with new ebay policy " SELLERS CAN NO LONGER LEAVE NEUTRAL OR NEGATIVE FEEDBACK" it is clear there is no chance for sellers to speak their minds ! How unfair !

Ebay couldn`t care less about all this situation although I emailed them twice about her nasty threats all I received was automatic response saying " they will investigate" yeah right .. we will see..

Now you see why I wrote this guide THIS IS MY ONLY WAY TO WARN OTHER SELLERS BEWARE OF EBAY MEMBER francesca112008

Here is my story :

Francesca112008 won pair of jeans from me on 5th of July 2008 ( ebay item number 180260541826 so you can check that all this is authentic )

She paid for them £2.76+£3.50 postage the same day so I though everything went fine..But I couldn`t be more wrong ..

Today (12.06) I received message from her and I couldn`t believe my eyes what I saw ...

Here is what she wrote :

Dear 2crazy*princess

Hi I can tell you are new to ebay the jeans I won from you are far from being in very good condition they are in my opinion cheap full of holes and smell .Now I would like a full refund or will claim money through paypal and will have no option but to leave negative feedback please ensure you let me know your decision before monday morning


Now I don`t know what is your opinion but I think it is clear blackmail !

She is clearly taking advantage of " sellers can no longer leave neutral or negative feedback bla,bla,bla" and she knows I`m already in lost position

Now if I let her to threaten me for no reason when 100% sure I haven`t done anything wrong I would be mad !

Okay I will get negative feedback and she will claim money from paypal ( paypal are uselles anyway and they will give away her my money without my permission that is obvious ) so what choice do I have in this situation ??

Jeans have been HONESTLY worn twice and I bought them new 7 months ago so surely they have been in very good condition as described with no holes (?!!) and certainly they do not smell I do wash myself and my clothes everyday and I have never heard about anything more ridiciolous than this in my ENTIRE LIFE

She must be really desperate to lie like this com`on girl get real and next time try to be MORE POLITE to the people you are dealing with and you might actually achieve something

For all I included original picture of the jeans which have been in my listing and please judge yourself

Please all of you if you ever experienced similar blackmails,threats and rude emails please do not be affraid to take the appopriate measurements

Firstly contact ebay even though they are uselles in more situations , block this buyer from future transactions with you , contact police if the things will turn more nasty

There is no reason why this bullies should be allowed this behaviour and get our hard earned money for no reason PROTECT YOURSELF AND REMEMBER YOU MIGHT BE NEXT ..


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