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Hi Readers,

I am writing this guide on the back of my many experiences on ebay and using paypal. Some of them have been good and yet some have been bad i'm afraid.

If you have had a bad experience with a fraudulent seller don't think you have no option at all. You always do have an option it just depends how far you want to take it.

Because Paypal takes credit card and bank details if there is any fraudulent activity they can be reported to the FSA (Financial Services Authority). They will take the matter further and hopefully resolve any issues

All services that ebay provide are charged for and as a result if you have a complaint you can go to the Trading Standards Agency. This is your right as a consumer in the UK. The problem eventually be resolved.

You also have the option to take them to the small claims court where you can get your money back. You will not need a lawyer and also can get your court expenses paid for.

I hope these few words help your ebay experience a little

Happy ebaying

Kind regards

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