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Thinking of opening a shop? Already opened one,but low traffic? Stuck on design/logo ideas? You came to the right place!

Problems + Some Solutions -

* Low traffic?

  • Use omniture service, which you can find under "traffic reports" in your "my ebay" section. This omniture service is great!
  • You can see what keywords drive people to your shop ;
  • What are the most common words used to search for items in your shop ;
  • Your most popular listings
  • Your most popular pages and more 

*Design of your shop? All i can say is relate,relate,relate!

  • Whatever it is you sell, try your best to have a suitable colour scheme that may RELATE to your items ;
  • Your shop name - Think of keywords that RELATE to your items, that could drive people to find your shop from search engines etc. For example, if selling packaging and postal supplies, instead of "tinas packaging shop", you could call it " Tinas Post n` Packaging Supplies "
  • Custom pages - Make the most of your monthly shop subscription fees...use custom pages to promote special offers/discounts, P+P info, your "about me" page, special items etc. Custom pages links are displayed at the top of your shop home page and can be easily accessed by potential customers.
  • Dont go overboard on "design" - if someone goes into your shop,and is bombarded by info,they will get put off! Thats the beauty of custom pages...links to different pages...that looks "tidy" at the header of your shop.
  • Logo - Same applies - Make it relate in design to the items you sell. For example, if you sell wedding dresses, you are not going to have a spooky,flashing black logo! You will probably have whites, creams or soft tones in your logo colour etc.


  • Do you offer a P+P discount if a buyer purchases more than one item from you? This can generate multiple sold items if people know they are not getting ripped off with P+P!! For example, you can combine items bought within 5, 7, 10 days etc of eachother and ship them together. Result? Less P+P fees for the buyers>may generate more sold items>you save money too on packaging and guess what? The buyer may come back to buy from you again, knowing they arent being ripped off! It doesnt cost you anything to offer a discount....but if you dont offer some kind of discount, it may cost you a lot of potential buyers!
  • Do you offer a refund/replacement? Your buyer recieved your item,but its not the same as in the listing.....you dont give a refund or offer a replacement....the buyer leaves you a neg feedback and you lose a customer. Both parties are unhappy....Why not offer a refund if the item is not as described? It gives your customers re-assurance that you are a genuine seller, and what you see is what you get with your items. This is good for new sellers, as their feedback may be low.
  • Do you accept paypal as a payment option for buyers? If not.....seriously consider it! Its the most trusted,secure,and fast way to send and recieve payments from millions of people worldwide, and its instant!



  • Must describe your item with use of related Keywords. Include relevant info in your title that will make potential customers CLICK and then view your listing. That "CLICK" is what could get you more bids, higher selling price, repeat customers, and more sales.
  • You would be surprised the effect a good title can have! For example, your selling a rare CD, by the beatles, that only 5 copies were ever made...your title is " beatles Cd - new "..WRONG! ......a good title would be more like "THE BEATLES (insert album name) CD Album OOP NEW - ONLY 5 MADE RARE!"  


  • Again, dont bombard people with un-necessary info - they will just click the "back" button and go out of your listing.
  • Start your description using your item title.
  • Put all relevant info into your listing, and in easy to read format...for example point or number style
  • Add some recent feedback comments to the end of your listing
  • Use Auctiva for great image hosting and free listing templates
  • Dont use pictures that take 10mins to load
  • Include link to your shop - for example "for other items like this and special offers in my shop click here...." 
  • Include CLEAR P+P costs for potential buyers - theres nothing worse than having to wait for a reply from a seller as to how much P+P is. Sometimes the auction ends before the buyer can find out,and you lose potential bidders>lower selling price etc DO NOT CHARGE £20 to post something that costs 50p to post. Trying to profit from P+P is a BAD MOVE and will put off buyers and you may be suspended! For this item, charge the cost of postage (50P)+cost of packaging(depends on what you paid for it,for example,say 50p)....for this item, to charge £1.30 P+P would be about standard. Many people add about 10p-30p to cover handling charges into their P+P.  You have to make sure you are not charging too little so you make a loss, but you cannot make huge profits as this is very dishonest and not fair trade.
  • Check for spelling mistakes too!!
  • Include clear pictures of the ACTUAL item for sale - and state in your listing that the pictures shown are of the item they will recieve if they win the auction etc
  • Include a few links at the end of your listing that promote your items. For example, "your other items page", "add me to your favourite sellers", "subscribe to my newsletter", "view my about me page", "view my feedback". Dont use all the links in the same listing.Why? TOO MUCH INFO! you can alternate the links you put in your listings, so people still go to all links mentioned above etc.
  • Research other items like you on ebay to get more ideas. Whatever keywords you use to find these items are the keywords you should include in your item title!




  • Send invoice to buyer
  • Let buyer know when you post their item + provide them with tracking number if sent by recorded post
  • Package item well so that its not damaged when it arrives to the customer
  • Insert item number + "thank you for your purchase note"/or customized packaging slip from "my ebay" section
  • If you are not sure of postage,dont just stick a stamp on it! Bring it to the post office and pay the correct postage. If you dont, it may be sent by a different method, IE-surface mail (by sea!) and could take weeks to arrive to the customer.
  • Retain proof of postage
  • Leave feedback AFTER the customer does for you. WHY? A sale is not finished until the customer lets you know they recieved your item by leaving you feedback, or by contacting you with a problem etc. See, just because you post an item, and the customer has paid....thats not the end! The customer still has to RECIEVE the item, thus transaction isnt finished. If you are concerned that the buyer didnt leave you feedback and had no contact with you, then contact the customer to make sure the item arrived safely to them....also...let them know if there was a problem, just to contact you and you will assist them as best you can.

REMEMBER...............WITHOUT THE CUSTOMER.........YOUR BUSINESS WOULDNT EXIST............!!!!!!!!!!




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