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Although we all are wary of spoof emails it is so easy to get caught out without realizing. so I thought that I would bring these emails to your attention.  I was caught out once and ended up having to change all my details.   I received an email from a so called buyer, I sell hundreds of items so it is difficult when asked a question to always be able to track who they are coming from.  This particular email was very polite, it said that an item had not been received.  It looked like a proper ebay question about item email with the yellow respond button and item numbeR. Not thinking, I clicked on it to respond, I was taken to the signing in page, I inputted my details and responded to the email and thought nothing more of it.  My system is set up to send a copy of emails I have send out, to be sent to me,  All of a sudden I was receiving copies of emails I was supposed to have sent. They were addressed to ebayers, telling them to check out loads of sites and offering out of ebay sales, to my horror I realized that I had given all my personal details to some unknown person and they were using them.  I swiftly changed all my details, paypal details and put a stop to it.

Remember: Ebay or paypal will not put any links in any emails asking for your personal details at all,  If you receive an email, especially a yellow button one, If you are already signed in to your ebay site, when you click on the yellow button it should take you straight to the respond to the question page, not the logging in page,  If you are unsure of the authenticity of the page, go to your messages in your ebay,  If the particular message is not showing in your messages then is is most definately a spoof so beware.  Forward it via email to ebay then delete it.

There is another common one that I keep getting and your first response would be to check it out. This spoof is a Receipt of Payment email,  It will be a receipt of a payment from (supposably) paypal for an item you have not purchased!!!! your first reaction is "I haven't bought that!" and you will want to click the link to check.  Don't!!! its another one....  If you are worried go directly into your paypal through your ebay site not the email.  Then when you see that the payment has not come out of your paypal go back to your emails, forward it as spoof to paypal and then delete it.

Hope this helps, and happy safe, ebaying.

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