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As the auction Title is the first thing the potential seller sees, here's some proven advice on how to get it working for you.


1. Focus.

Remember that most buyers search on words, if you do not include that word in your title they will not see it.  The Title is of a defined length don't waste any on meaningless characters. 
Put yourself in the buyer's mind and predict what they would use.

2. Useful information.

Describe the item and any other attributes such as colour, age, autographed, authentication.
Start with what it is then add whatever you can fit in, play around with the words and use synonyms if needed.

3.  Subjective means meaningless

Avoid subjective descriptions stick to the facts as opinions will never be used in a search and more often than not add nothing to the item unless emotionally related.  
"Very nice" it maybe but that should be in the description not the title; with the space after the words, you just wasted 10 characters.  

4.  If you don't know what you are selling you will loose out.

Do not misrepresent your item as it will not add to your reputation and you maybe selling an item woefully under priced.  Some buyers look for just this and smile when they get it, so do some homework.  Also if you describe it incorrectly you miss out twice; once from the buyer who would be looking for that kind of item but sees it described as something else, and the buyer who looks at your item because of your incorrect Title and moves on because its not what they want.
The Title is like a Postcode to a postman, if you know what you're looking for you know where to go.

5.  Relevant information.

The buyer is always looking for authentication; this means marks, stamps, etc.  If your item has these then make it as visible as you can.  Purchases are often made on perception of quality and association, these qualities need to be visible to a search as filtering on a group such as books returns too many results to be useful. 
If a book is signed state it in the title.  

6. Attention to detail.

Spelling is very important for both seller and buyer.  For the seller it means it can be found by as many potential buyers as possible, for the buyer it means a bargain as there will be less bidders to worry about.  Tolkien spelt the correct way there are thousands of items for sale, Tolkein spelt the incorrect way there are a few items for sale. 
Take my word for it, buyers look for bad spellers and reap the rewards.

Some sellers spell some words wrong so as to attract buyers in, knowing that people actually look for misspelled words. so sometimes you can put a misspelled word  at the end of the description as KEYWORDS
thank you for taking the time to read this guide i hope you found it useful please take the time to vote.
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