EBay/PayPal Generosity with increasing volumes.

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Have a look at the USA fees, compared to 'rip-off'  Britain. Factor in the 'must specify PayPal' payment scenario. Then notice the escalation of the 'Final Value Fee' to 10%. Of late, there have been 'minor' glitches to my listings - like the addition of 'Extra Large Pictures' or 'Super Size' gallery pictures! Without careful scrutiny of the charges, I could easily end up paying more in charges, than my item sold for.

Without a doubt, the charging structure is being directed to 'squeeze the life' out of the sellers.

I cannot believe a vastly profitable system, has to embark on a cynical 'fleecing of its captive sellers' - despite the vast increase in volume. One thing is for certain. The EBay seller has no status, whatsoever.

He who pays the money - is God. PayPal align themselves with this same philosophy.

There is an urgent need for a competitor to this 'greed driven business model' - not a too difficult scenario, now that the bad points are already recognised.

It was so refreshing to find EBay USA, actually recognised photographs sold goods on offer. A number of occasions saw my listings totally free of photographic fees. Back in the UK, they made Scrooge look like a 'good guy!'

The PayPal concept is brilliant - but, without 'real people' to handle fraud and disputes, it disintegrates into a 'games arcade entity' - easily manipulated by the fraudsters. This is where the 'cash generating seller' is totally ignored - and, dis-advantaged.  It must only be a matter of time  before the Legal Machine challenges the un-regulated financial entity, called PayPal - and the linkages with it's owner - EBay





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