EBay becoming too strict?

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Well, i am not sure if this is the view of you all, but it is mine at the moment.

I have just had a monster shock with eBay and i must say it is not the first time it has happened.  I had been going through stuff, as you do, tosell some stuff i had not been using.  I came across a load of Kushies re-useable nappies which we had bought for our son.  Unfortunately he never got to use them so we put them away.  I put them on eBay and had quite a bit of interest and people had put bids on them.  Now bearing in mind these had not been used because we got them and they were too small because of inexperience with re-useable nappies.


Anyway we were quite happy at the prospect of making some money back on them as we had not used them, then all of a sudden eBay removed the listings, saying it was in breach of their regulations.  I cannot see how this was possible as i had pointed out that they had not been used so therefore they cannot breach the rules they have.  Now when selling them i cannot list them as new or unused because they were taken out of the packets, so to list them honestly i have been punished and have lost money because of eBay.


I think they have to be strict in a way to avoid scams but there is strisct and being blatantly too strict.  The eBay community understands that a lot of items have been used and are second hand, that is the point.  I have to say if eBay are not careful, there are other auction sites popping up and it will not take people too long to jump ship once eBay become too poiwer hungry.


I hope you all found this useful, and as a not.  Be careful when advertising, you may get a lot of interest but if they think you are in breach in any way, you will lose that money.

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