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Rc cars

I had been looking a certain car baaec79bc1.  Radio controlled mardave
the good thing is that it it was here   

I find ins that the ratings helps as well but                    
Most people  will only deal with rating 10 or more  but is is hard to get upto that if you do not sell or buy often  but there is plenty to find on eBay. 

The he rc cars we got were quite good for the money and easy to buy. 
Mardave circuit racer parts are cheap and they are very tough. 

I got batteries also from here  also. 

Now ow they have collect plus it makes it easy to collect farther than waiting in for your item. 

The spec on the car was pretty good also. We raced it a few times until it all worn off  felt bad as my so. Had one to learn about electronics and racing. 

suppose the xbox360 had taken over the outside stuff from kids.  Forever shouting them in. 

It it is easy to search what you require more and more people search for rc cars everyday. 

But it now I don't have any racing clubs near here so could be time to sell. 

But I look everyday and see that auction sites have an affect on price values 

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