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Here is a review on the live album by the EELS: THE BLACK SESSIONS Firstly I need to say that this album is amazing, in every sense. The fantastic intro leading onto the cover 'FEELING GOOD'. The standout tracks have to be MY BELOVED MONSTER, THE CHEATER'S GUIDE TO YOUR HEART, THE SUICIDE LIFE and the other cover 'CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE' and then to the best version of 'NOVACAINE FOR THE SOUL' I have ever heard. I have all the Eels albums and live albums and this live album is in my opinion the best and easily beats 'OH WAHT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING' and even 'ELECTRO SHOCK BLUES SHOW' as well as others. All the Eels albums are great, but this album blends the acoustic with diverse styles, there is loads of banter from E and the audience, and with some hidden surprises with the tracks. This is such an intimate show, no more than a hundred people in the audience. The show was recorded live at studio 105, March 23rd, 200, Paris, France. If you like, this album sums up their first three studio albums, it is something special and a real treat to listen to. The music as always is haunting, beautiful, but also this live album is quite upbeat also, which works really well. JEANIE'S DIARY is also a real gem, in fact every track is amazing. For the real Eels fans out there I could not recommend this cd enough, truly. I would also suggest that you try and pay no more than say £30 as it is possible to get the c d for that, and well worth the money, and if you can get it for cheaper, snap it up! This truly is a must for an Eels fan.
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