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How to tell between a real elephant hair bracelet from non real and real ivory from non real

Elephant hair and ivory is composed of keratin. Human hair, nails, animals horns and hooves have keratin   

Keratin is composed of sulphur

when  elephant hair is burnt it produces a characteristic smell. This smell is from burning sulphur in keratin.

real elephant hair when burnt should produce the same characteristic smell as burnt  human hair or nails.

This the same with ivory. if you prick a red hot needle in an ivory made item it should smell the same as burnt  human hair or nails

Physical appearance of elephant hair bracelets

plastic like appearance

black, brownish in appearance

rustic or greyish if from a very old elephant

Physical appearance of Ivory

white in appearance

Ivory yellows with age, and when kept in the dark (this is why the bottom of an ivory object is often darker than the surfaces exposed to light). Ivory will also turn yellow/orange when exposed to sulphur, and must therefore not be stored with keratin-based objects such as tortoiseshell (keratin contains sulphur). Also, watch out for sulpher in adhesives, building materials, rubber, paints, etc. An activated charcoal scavenger may be helpful (sew a small bag out of unbleached cotton. Fill with the activated charcoal sold for fish tank filters, and sew closed. The activated charcoal absorbs sulphur and other impurities).

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