EN471 Hi Visibility Clothing Classification

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Hi Visibility garments are classified into 3 categories

Class 1,2 & 3.  Class 3 being the highest.

To conform to the class the garment must have a set ammount of Reflective tape & retro reflective background material.

(This is why childrens garments do not conform to EN471 standard as there is not enough material to meet the standard)

The Classifications are as follows:-

EN471 Class 3 - is the highest protection level (maximum protection). This level of protection should be worn on trunk roads and all other roads forming the Primary Route Network (PRN), roads displaying green/blue directional signs and all other roads where the speed limit is 40mph and above.

EN471 Class 2 - Provides intermediate protection (medium visibility) and is the minimum requirement when working on all roads with a speed limit of less than 40mph.

EN471 Class 1 - Offers the lowest level of protection & should only be worn in areas of minimal risk, possibly off road situations such as transport depots.

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