ERA Multi-point Locking System Gearbox Replacement

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UPVC MPL Gearbox changing

This guide is written to help buyers who need to replace the main gearbox on their UPVc Multi-Point locking system on a door.

Since posting this item in my items for sale I have received many questions from buyers about the replacement of these gearboxes and if they are easy to replace/repair.  There is no reason why the average person who is able to use a screwdriver cannot change one these gearboxes providing they follow some simlpe technical instructions, however the gearbox has  no service parts, if the gearbox goes wrong then you will have to change the gearbox.  We can support all types of thechnical queries as we sell/fit these gearboxes on a day to day basis.

It should be understood that all the MPL systems in this country work well for years under light/heavy duty conditions, by and large they give no cause for concern.  However, once this type of gearbox starts to be problematic then it is very likely that it will fail at some point and once done so cannot be stripped down and repaired.  This same point also goes for other makes of MPL gearboxes.  There are some 25+ different gearboxes produced and increasing, obviously to suit different makes and models of MPL systems, the ERA gearbox wil only fit certain ERA/Saracen/Laird systems.

You will need to check carefully that your system supports a gearbox change, the dimensions of the gearbox are also crucial and generally you cannot inter-change gearboxes between  one manufacturer and another.  There are two crucial measurements to consider.  The first is the gearbox 'backset' and the second is the 'PZ' mesaurement.  If you have difficulty in identifying these measurements on your system then please fell free to contact us for help.

There are 2 versions of the ERA gearbox, the standard ERA gearbox and the new ERA Vectris gearbox.  The later can be determined very easily as there is a hook in place of the standard deadbolt once the lock has been 'thrown'.  Systems are geberally thrown by lifting the handle set.  This standard ERA gearbox comes in three backset sizes, 30mm, 35mm and 45mm.  The 30mm backset gearbox is not a popular variant but we do have it if you need one.  If you are not sure how to measure for the 'backset' then please ask and we can explain how to do this.

Once you have your new gearbox the removal and re-assembly is straightforward and can be completed with minimal fuss and worry, the latch can be changed to suit the handing of the door, and the split spindle facility can be changed very easily with a small straight bladed screwdriver if needed.  To change the actual gearbox you will need a security bit which we can be obtained from the major hardware stores or we can supply this for you as well.

We supply MPL gearboxes to fit all of the mainstream MPL systems in the UK, if you need help then please ask.  You will find some other guides that I have written relating to UPVC locking sytems here on eBay.

Lastly, thank you for viewing this guide, it would be great to know if this guide was helpful to you so please take 5 seconds to vote using the appropriate button below.  Thank you..


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