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Open an Ebay account...i need positive feedback and a yellow star!! How to do this fast and safely! No rule breaking!

When first opening an account with ebay the first thing that people who deal with you will notice is that your feedback score is low. Some people refuse to even deal with people who have 10 or less positive feedback. So how do you get the first ten feedback score and yellow star fast!

BUYER/SELLERSNAME (10*) This is what you must aim for!!!

Well here are some suggestions;

  • Buy ten cheap items from a reliable seller (someone who has 100% positive feedback).
  • Sell ten small 'low risk items'. People are more likely to buy low risk items from a seller who has low or no feedback than 'high risk' items.

This will establish you as a reliable buyer or seller. Ebay also provides additional support for new buyers or sellers through the help console.

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