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An entrance of a home is considered as an intermediate space between the outside polluted world and pure interiors of a home from time immemorial. A home’s entrance was considered highly spiritual in ancient times. This is the reason door hangings or Torans, as they are known as, hold such an important place in the home. Door hangings are regarded as an auspicious accessory in almost every Indian house.  Almost all Indians decorate their homes with beautiful door hangings on a regular basis. These colorful strings bear a high significance in demarcating the boundaries between inside and outside world. Let’s make a small trip to the background of these fascinating decorating accents and try to understand why they hold such great importance in Indian lifestyle.
  • HISTORY – The word ‘Toran’ has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Torana’ meaning ‘pass.' The earliest form of door hanging was found in Buddhist architecture. It is termed as the sacred gateway with its origin going back to the time of Puranas. In ancient times, green mango leaves in southern India and marigold flowers in North were spun in the form of door hangings and tucked on entrances and doorways of every home.
  • SIGNIFICANCE -The significance of door hangings lies in their aesthetically pleasing appearance and suitable constituents. They are mainly used to attract the Indian goddess of wealth and money – Lakshmiji. Wall hangings made from green leaves are mainly known for their power to absorb all the impure air around them and release oxygen, in turn keeping the atmosphere of any home clean and healthy. Furthermore, green is a very cheerful color and lends a calming effect to the premises. Such kind of door hangings help in keeping a calm and relaxed atmosphere that lowers anxiety, and stress level in home. All these attributes explain the necessity of these torans at the doorway. The new-age door hangings designed in lively colors and on rich fabrics add an element of beauty in a home. Besides showering all the luck and positivity in your space, these torans are also wonderful decorative accessories.
  • DIFFERENT TYPES OF DOOR HANGINGS - Apart from the green leaves and marigold door hangings, varieties of torans have come in the market. The most popular ones are the Rajasthani and Gujarati torans. The traditional mirror work, bold and bright tones, intricate embroidery, and fine detailing are the highlights of these conventional torans. Wooden door hangings have also caught the attention of many. Carved in beautiful styles and painted in vibrant colors, a toran is surely an artistic way to welcome your guests.
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