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EBay compiles a person's feedback in chronological order, with Negative, Neutral, and Positive all mixed together.

If you just want to see a person's Negative and Neutral feedback at a glance, extracted and sorted from their total feedback, you'll need to go to www.toolhaus.org. Enter the person's eBay ID into the search box and within seconds toolhaus will extract ALL the Negative and Neutral feedback the person has EVER RECEIVED and LEFT FOR OTHERS, going right back to the start of their eBay activity.

Using this quick and effective tool will help you gather information on a bidder/buyer, spotlighting their wrongdoings as well as their thoughts on others.

It's an asset worth having in your eBay toolkit.

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I've just seen your feedback tip (toolhaus.org) and wanted to say thanks. Just what I needed. Excellent! Voted your review helpful. More people should find out about this! (chuchy369)

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