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Buy one of these for someone you hate or wish to injure
.Buy one for yourself if
A,,,, you love the overpowering stench of vinyl
B.....you want to make a back/neck/groin injury worse
C....you love the sound of a hover mower in the bedroom
D....you like wearing earplugs/noise cancelling headphones while            making a racket that deafens the neighbours
E ....you are a practical joker who wants a three foot wide
        whoopee cushion.
F....you like the idea of annoying the hell out of your other half with
      an abject that moves them over  in bed while you look innocent
     and plead health and comfort

As advertised on t.v.......where/ Is there a channel for the deaf or hard of hearing.? These things are deafening in operation.
And the smell.?Even after airing in a conservatory for two weeks only a fetishist could bear being in the same  room.
 And when I put the weight of my injured back on it? Oh how I didnt laugh when the plug went flying and rapid deflation ensued. I did think of gluing the plug in but as the pump makes more noise than my angle grinder and  nearly as many blue sparks I would not want to use it inside the house.
 RONCO and K-TEL ( for those of a certain age) used to advertise products on the t.v. in the seventies that seemed life enhancing in their genius.You would be delighted with the product until  ten seconds after you tried it and it dawned on you that marketing had triumphed to the point where you could mug yourself and get a receipt.
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