Eagle-moss collections

Like if this guide is helpful
It seems to me on these collections,that some off the users on ebay are not aware that you can buy these products,
directly from them at the issue price with out subscription,if you take the new release off Batman Automobillia.
I have already seen issue-2 the t.v,batmobile on sale for £16.99 + 3.95pp, the issue price is £5.99 from a retail shop or eagle-moss for the same.
This is a new release & not even in the shop till 17/1/13 so why buyers pay these jump up prices is beyond me,issue # 1 is £1.99p from issue # 3 then £9.99.
It may be you just want one model then just wait till it,s on sale on their online shop.you will save money on that model & pp.
They accept pay-pal, i myself subscibe directly to them for this collection & dc chess collection,i get the benfits of free postage to my door,the free gifts in the automobilia its a free binder,£6.99 armour plated batmobile off issue # 1 £10.99 & the batwing £19.99,& its the same with the dc chess collection jump up prices.
wake up do your self a favour if collecting & buy directly from them & stop lining the pockets of so called exclusive top rated sellers.
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