Earn and win Apple products (with very little cost)!

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Freebiejeebies is a gift website allowing members to refer friends and win electronic goods in the process!
To get earn yourself Apple products, smart phones or TVs all you have to do is follow the 3 easy steps:

Step 1 : Sign up for a free Gift

Sign up at the link below to join the site.
(apple.freebiejeebies.co.uk/1068395)  (copy and paste into address bar) 
Make sure you use a real email address. Use your real details when you sign up as this is the address your gift will be sent to.

Step 2 : Try an advertiser's offer

Basically all you need to do in this step is complete one of the offers, this is where the freebie site make their money, if you complete an offer then the freebie site will recieve commission for it. Some offers are as little as £1! Remember, you only need to complete one! Don't skip this step! You must complete this step to get your free gift.

Step 3 : Refer some friends

This is a lot easier than it seems. There's lots of people online who want a free apple products too, so start referring them! Friends and family first. The more referrals you achieve, the more expensive a gift you will earn. An iPod shuffle requires just 2 referrals.

Basic rules
Don't break these rules! This is the only reason that you won't get your free gift, so make sure you follow these rules! 
   - One account per household - don't use a public computer to sign up! 
   - Use real information - this is a proven legitimate site and they will not give out your information. 
   - Only complete each offer once! You cannot complete the same offer again, even for different freebies. 
   - Don't try to cheat the system. This site has been proven legitimate, and they will catch you if you try to cheat. If you do everything legitimately, by following this guide, you will get a free gift!
Thank you for reading and good luck!
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