Easiest way to get Wii Fit at retail Price!

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1. Amazon get about 50 units of Wii Fit in several times a day. So create an account, or update yours if you have one already, SWITCH ON ONE-CLICK ORDERING.

2. Go to http://www.wii-consoles.co.uk/wii-fit-in-stock.asp which is a realtime stock checker. Click the realtime box and leave that window open while you work. It will pop-up several alerts, none of which are any use unless you want to be sold Wii Fit in a bundle. So if it doesn't interest you click "Ignore this alert" and won't pop up again.

3. The info is updated every 60 seconds and sometimes Amazon's stock goes that quickly so you'll be too late. Eventually Amazon will pop-up for £69.99, if you catch it quickly enough and use one-click ordering you should get one by your 2nd or 3rd attempt, assuming you'll be in front of the PC for a few hours that is.

Good luck, and shame on all those greedy eBay sellers selling them for £100 and £20 postage (Amazon deliver for about £2) and also the likes of Game and Gamestation who will only sell you it in bundles with some other useless rubbish you neither want nor need!
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