Easy Scam Spotting

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Hi Welcome to this very short Guide,   I was recently sent loads of scam emails from both ebay and paypal which being new to ebay had not got a clue what the hell was going on, i was asked to send products before payment and asked for final values etc etc, but there was one distinct thing that all these scammers were using to get you to part with your money or goods was this, Can you please hurry with this delivery as it is a gift for and this is the address i wish it to be posted, that is how i noticed they all start, believe me i was getting really p---ed off as i was new and did not need this agro when i was trying to get a proffessional business up and running, i could not believe how many evil sick morons there was on this site, it made me sick and think why can you not just get a job, they are proberly raking in thousands from ebay and on the social, i do hope this is a help just remember that if   ("they say they are buying it as a gift for") you can be almost sure it is a scam, as if you think about it, who would tell a complete stranger that it is a gift why would the seller want to know that? anyway gotta go i will keep you posted as to what i learn on the way, many thanks, Terry


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