Easy Tricks to sell on eBay: Read, Follow & make more Money - #1

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Easy Tricks to Sell on eBay
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Easy Tricks to Sell on eBay

Easy Tricks to sell on eBay: Read, Follow & make more Money – Part 1
Many products can be worth serious money if sold smartly on eBay, to acquire a substantial amount of revenue you need to follow some basic etiquettes of selling online. The tricks & tips given in this guide are easy to follow and will lead you how to reduce listing cost, when to end the auctions, how to grab more profits? How to sell a poor selling item?

Here are some truly awesome tips to sell on eBay and make extra cash. Read them, follow them and make money.

#1 Selling for the first time – See what sells best & How?
New items that are nicely packed with price tags and barcodes grab more attention and sells fast.

Buyers search for branded items – They trust “Nike T-shirt” more than only a “T-shirt”
Buyers search items by brand names, location & price so include such keywords in item title & description.

Rare and antics sell more than regular items
If you have products that are small with low profit margin than sell them in bulk quantity instead of single pieces. This will save your packing, shipping, listing cost.
List designer & costly items individually – Do not mess Prada with baby clothes.

#2 Start with unused items at your home
That can be anything from home appliances to garage junk. It is your first time, so do some net practice. Sell unused items in your house to make some real cash. Remember, your junk can be very important for someone else.

You can sell things that you haven’t imagined. Just search weird Japanese products that are sold online. Do not expect profit out of a junkyard sale. It is just an online sales experience.

#3 Buy Something before you sell Anything
Instead of buying items from a grocery shop or shopping mall, buy stuff online that you need. That can be anything from shaving foam to shirt. This will be an ultimate guide on understanding the mechanism of ecommerce online buying & selling. You will also learn about loop holes & strong points of online market.
#4 Research what others are doing to sell their products
Forget about competitors, because you are not a full fledge seller yet. Just invest some time simultaneously while buying stuffs on eBay and see what, how and when products are sold online. Find out what sellers offer to their buyers and what all they do to grab a sale. Research for other sales channel & shopping carts too – a few to name Amazon, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, Prestashop, 3D Cart etc.

#5 Fees, Commission and other charges
Cost of selling is an important aspect while making online sales. eBay charges sellers with listing fees along with 10% commission on selling price of the item finally sold. Commission applies to all listings including the free ones. Amazon also charges the same as eBay, with a slight higher commission compared to eBay. eBay allows 20 free listings per month.

The payment affiliate, PayPal of eBay is also in the race, it usually takes approx 2.9% to 3.4% of the final sales price.

#6 What should I Sell?
If you already have a defined product line then you can start right away. But if you are still wondering what you should sell online then research online markets with famous item tools. There are tons of tools available online to find out hot and trending items on eBay and other online market places. Type t-shirt and you will get popular brands and sellers dealing in t-shirt.

These tools provide an insight about the bidders, visitors and total views to the items.

#7 Product Details
After product research, detailing of your product is the next important step in your to do list. Product detailing include many vital information regarding the product you are selling online such as brand name, product condition (whether fresh or second hand), item specifications, model number, size, style, color, useable features and so on.
Product description must be readable, accurate and most important honest. Many sellers tend to hide certain visible or non visible defects in the product. And this happens more while selling second hand products. These sellers end up having negative feedback or cash refunds to the buyers.

Instead of only “Men’s T-Shirt” how about “Shop for V-neck & round neck Polo T-Shirt for Men @ 40% Discount available in S M L XL & XXL sizes” many more examples of product descriptions are available online, just Google them.

Remember product descriptions are the first one to come across your buyers, hence write short and easy to understand product details so that your products are easily recognized by buyers whenever they see them online. You can also take help of expert eBay store designer to write highly searched/ranking product description for your store.

Need more tips to increase your eBay sales???
Then follow the second part of this guide to practically increase your store sales. Also check out the biggest collection of pre-made eBay storefront templates with more than 300 pre-built designs in distinct categories only with us. If you don’t find a perfect template from our pre-made templates that matches your requirements than you can go for custom eBay templates. You can also visit us to get expert advice from our professional eBay template designer absolutely free.
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