Easy Way To Measure For New Curtains

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This Is A Guild To Easily Measure Your Windows For Curtains

A Lot Of Customers Ask Us What Size Curtains Do I Need For My Window? We Have Made This Guild To Help Take The Stress Out Of It For You.
Tips For Measuring Ready Made Curtains. The Easy Way to Make
Sure You Get the Right Size Curtains for Your Window Is Easy.
First Make Sure You Have a Tape Measure and a Pen and Paper
To Write Your Measurements Down So You Do Not For Get.
#1 Measure Your Poll or Track for the Width.
#2 Measure Your Drop. Where You Want The Curtains To Come To.
Do Not Forget If You Have a Radiator Underneath. As You Do Not Want
To Cover This Up, Because All the Hot Air Will Go Up Behind the Curtains
And The Heat From The Radiator Will Be A Waste Of Money. Always Allow
For The 3” Heading Tape or the Ring Tops At the Top So the Measurements
Are Just Right. If You Have Not Put Your Pole Or Track Up. It’s A Good Idea
To Measure the Drop and See If You Can Buy Ready Made Curtains Then
You Will Not Have To Pay To Have Them Altered.
When You Go Shopping For Curtains You Will Have All the Information
You Need. You Will Need to Add about Double for the Width So You’re New
Curtains Have a Nice Gather, This Is If You Are buying 3”tape Top Curtains.
If You Are Buying Ring Top or Eyelet Curtains You Will Need less Gather
For Your Curtains. You Will Be Able To Get Away With Having 1½ Time Instead
Of Double Width Gather Depending On Your Width.
We Hope This Helps?

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