Ebay Best Tips

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Make buying and selling on ebay fun. Make it a positive experience.
We are living in a tough world and it does not need to be tougher.
I believe in the human spirit and positive values. I believe in being happy and spreading it out.

In all my years of buying on ebay I have only had three negative experiences.
They all came down to bad communication and a lack of trust.
I keep working hard at being a good ebayer.

Talk to each other ~ GET A NAME ~ Strike up a relationship

We all want to live in an ideal world. I would love to see ebay as the example to the world of fun.

It's E-A-S-Y    In simple steps.

1 Communicate !
Speak to people nicely ~  ask questions ~ Build a rapport with the other party.


If things do go badly you are more likely to resolve things amicably without shouting and screaming.
If you are polite and calm you retain your dignity and you will resolve the issue.

Yes their are fools and crooks in the world but the word is "communication" It is visible and the good sellers and the people who do it well will be evident.

You don't win if you resort to abuse.

2 Humour  !
Make buying and selling fun send a nice message.
Thank a buyer for their purchase or thank the seller for selling you something nice.

3 Feedback !
I think feedback should "Always be instigated by the seller"
Ask the buyer if they are happy with the purchase and wait for a response.
last of all ~ If all is well

4 Smile and enjoy    

Helping the world to keep positive in bad times       don't forget the Pandas !
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