Ebay Customer Protection (What a Joke!)

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Ever seen that must have laptop?  The Acer, Vaio, Dell, or EasyNote one of the more appealing items for sale on Ebay

No, Well I have and others too.  You see Fraud is ripe on Ebay, the Amazon Marketplace and other to numerous to mention.With new members joining Ebay all the time some with little understanding of evils that lurk around the next item to rip them off.

I'll take you back to 2004, to my dealings on Ebay for a Acer Aspire Laptop, being sold by a user selling under the false name Andreias Bacanu, with email address cola 282@ yahoo.com....

Having lost the Auction to a bid in excess of my bid I found sometime later a email second chance offer email from ebay.  But because I didn't have any method suitable to Pay the seller who had 100% positive feedback for his sold items,  I had to Pay by a MoneyGram, yes, yes I know now but with little experience in Online business and no guides to follow I went ahead I mean Ebay's safe is it?

Plus having the assurance from Ebay's email and 100% feedback plus other peoples feedback on the seller, I went ahead with purchase only to regret every minute later.

My regrets to this day are that he's got away with it and that Ebay let these people carry on trading just under pseudonyms

Having paid for my Laptop and waiting for days for the special deliveries, none came.  So I got in touch with Ebay and the Police as the details of the Seller were given in my area.  The Police helped but their job was to difficult, that left Ebay who, I never received one email from, basically giving me the inpression that they couldn't give a toss and it was my fault for being hustled out of the money.

As I said the Police were more helpful but nothing ever came of it and somber fact is that Ebay are failing us all and are only happy in taking their percentage of your sales.

So if you see that wonderful car, laptop, widescreen-TV, Sat Nav... just be careful, because it could be you here writing a guide like this next if you get hustled.

Let me say that I am not looking to tar everyone with the same brush as there are a huge number of sellers on Ebay who seller top notch stuff but other aren't worth spitting at.

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