Ebay Fees & Shop fees

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Nows the time to act, ebay has really rattled sellers by racking up the fees for shop, end of auction fees and listing fees, ebay sellers pays for EBAY not the buyers ! we cant do much to stop the extortion but what can be done is to save your money, and we all like doing that. Close the shop , dont pay £14+ a month, list fewer items in the auction instead and get more fun from it, save that £14, if millions gave you £14 a month  that really is a lot of millions, what do you get for it as a seller, sweet jack. Ebay is the only company that employs no one, has no stock, posts nothing but gets all the money in from us, their workforce, they dont even chase up none payer or let you leave them negative feedback,  What will buyers do if the seller slowed down, the Auction site would grind to a halt. Save all the stock you would normally sell , load up your computer hardrive and back it up and whack ebay on it cheap listing days, you will save money and get more satisfaction from it, how can they justify nearly £15 for a shop and also 3p listing fee up to 20p. Failing all this try other online auctions, we are closing our shop in defiance of their ruling and trying other auction sites who give free listing, get started now and start saving money instead of feeding the fat cats, it may involve a bit of work and some re organisation but we have listed nearly 200 of what was our ebay listings onto another auction site, it cost nothing, if loaded on ebay it would of cost £40, i like the money in my pocket and so do you. Act now save your money and try elsewhere but keep an account with ebay for the freeloaders days.

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