Ebay Fees on P&P when issuing a revised invoice for extra items

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BEWARE  adding extra items onto your order for a particular customer.
  1. Now that Ebay are charging the final value fee on P&P charges as well as the item price (since September 2013 on Ebay UK), the knock-on effect is that Ebay will also take a cut of any extra items you add to the order, which did not happen before.
  2. If you qualified for the FVF discount on Premium service listings, but the buyer chose an upgraded shipping option and/or there were extras added into the order with a manually adjusted invoice, you will be charged final value fees at the full rate on all those extra charges over and above the original item with inclusive P&P.
    i.e. The item price may have a FVF discount applied but all extra amounts will not.  The FVF percentage will depend on the category of the listing.
So if adding any extra items or including upgraded postage options, you will have to compensate for the additional charges Ebay will take out of your income (which will further increase their take).
This is a really sneaky trick by Ebay who have not highlighted the full impact of their fee changes.

WHAT can be done?
  • If you feel you have to show items with free shipping, make sure the additional postage options cover you for the extra fees Ebay will charge you.
  • Consider offering upgraded shipping outside the listing - i.e. by sending a money request via Paypal for the additional postage amount (with prior agreement of the buyer). This way only Paypal fees will be charged on the extra postage. This is only worthwhile for significant amounts, for example international tracked shipping, or expedited shipping via Fedex.
    You'll need to balance this saving with the extra administrative hassle it will cause.
  • Similarly if an extra item is to be added outside the listing description, this could be charged by separate Paypal money request, especially for larger sums. The buyer and yourself may still be covered by Paypal protection policies.
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