Ebay Listing Bug when using the sell similar option

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Here is a bug that I have noticed on Ebay when using the "sell similar" option for buy it nows. 

If not picked up upon it can cause you all sorts of problems.

When using the "sell similar" option, if you change the title, delete and add new pictures and change the description everything looks in order.  However sometimes when you then list the item the description reverts to the original description of the item that you used the "sell similar from".

This can be a real pain especially if you have spend a long time on your description.  It does not happen on every occasion however it is wise to be aware of this.

One way I have found of preventing this from happening is to use the spell check every time you use the "sell similar option".

Remember to bear this in mind when listing.

Thanks for reading this.

Happy Ebaying.

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