Ebay Seller Fraud Problem

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All ways remember on ebay it is BUYER BEWARE, sellers are not regulated by ebay and ebay will not protect you as a buyer. if the seller is dishonest Ebay does not care so long as they get there fees. The dispute console is useless its not handled by Ebay , It is only for the seller buyer to handle . reporting a seller does nothing, Ebay does nort answer or do anything for you except send out prewritten messages telling you what to do. BEWARE of sellers and reduction sales or end of item sales.

Sellers like NORTH OF ST ANDREWS will not honor the refund or exchange. I sent back a broken buckle after they promised to replace it right away. They never replaced it. I sent buckle back signed for! They say they did not get it. post office says it was deliverd. This means sellers do not have to answer to ebay.

  DO NOT BUY FORM CHINA OR HONG KONG . DONT TRUST BUYERS OUTSIDE OF THE UK OR USA.. They are not regulated if at all. I think Ebay  is a GOOD THING however they are a buissness and they are here to make money not help you. It is impossible to through Ebay to catch a fraudster or a cheat or a thief. Dont take the warning of police use by ebay serious . They dont. You will have to do it yourself..  In the end it is up to you.    Beware Beware Beware.

Ebay is loaded with dishonest sellers and buyer. We have been hit hard by them in the past. They will do it for a mere £5.00.  IF you need the Law you must do it yourself.  The UK and USA will at least try to help. Remember all ebay rules and contractual statements can be argued in both direction on any problem (IE for or against any dispute) they are written so ambiguously.  Thats how lawyers write anything most of the time. You must have all your proof irrfuteable in order to win your argument over an Ebay dispute and then there is no promise you will be compensated for your loss. rRemember Ebay rarely pays anything.

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