Ebay binding contract script

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Yes, we have all seen it, YOUR BID IS A BINDING CONTRACT , yes i have seen it also and challenged ebay on it, i still have not had a reply, the reason being because there is NO CONTRACT. Just lately there have been spiels about online auctions and rights of consumers, customers and sellers but there is nothing about this topic, this enforces my point exactly. If this was a case of a contract being made between people, what court in this land would prosecute a non paying bidder, let alone a scammer, i can tell you none would, its no good taking up a civil  matter up with the court, which court  would  question, the guy in Hong Kong who aint going to appear thats for sure. If and when Ebay replies to my request i will post it but i am not holding my breath. In other words other than a gentlemens agreement there is no contract at all so dont believe everything you are told by ebay because they dont have an answer to this question either. Maybe they should of said gentlemens agreement instead. If you are scammed on ebay use their online reporting proceedure, if however you are reporting a matter theft make sure you take the matter to the police, copy the sales page, emails, item number, address and details of person and any other contact details, copy feedback sheets and anything else especially your payment method , ie paypal, bank statements, this will help the police to chase up the matter by using a person called a SPOC single point of contact with ebay who will be very helpfull and help to finalise your matter. Avoid direct bank transfers.

8 July 2008 I got my reply from ebay, they DO NOT PROSECUTE IN ANY COURT , so as i suspected, your bid is NOT a binding contract at all, its a pressure sale to complete a purchase, just think of the millions who believe they are bidding on a binding contract, this is a ploy to ensure you complete a sale so as to line their pockets a bit more, but i guess you knew that anyway, well hope you feel better for knowing this and be lucky

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