Ebay is good, bit take your time, watch and check 1st

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I have bought and sold on Ebay for 2 years now and would like to say I have met with none of the scams. About 8 years ago yes, I paid high for items that never worked. Now I make sure I read the description. Watch the item first, a few days later decide if you really want to buy it and you will find you have found something else to set your sights on by the time the auction is closing and you just do not bother bidding. Watching the item gives you time to go back and read the sellers description as many times as you like, check the sellers feedback and see what others have said. Good items always have a bid on them and if not, wonder to yourself why you are the only bidder on this bargain. An odd time good items are overlooked but many of us scroll the pages of many sections looking for a bargain. Many dealers are bidding right at the last moment also and this bid assistant is a pain in the neck when you want something and this jumps in-we can not beat a computers.


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