Ebay listings 100 on free loading days get 100000 4 £25

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I have often wondered how long i can substain the expences of Ebay listing and was always thankful for the weekend of free loading however recent events have made me think about the expenditure it is costing to list 1000s of items, more than my returns. Due to recent changes with Ebay restricting items to 100 means i now have to pay for over 2400 listings. Many other auction sites dont charge to list and may not be so popular as Ebay but loyalty goes out of the window when you have to pay out all the time. Only a few years ago Ebay use to allow listing all the time free, it did away with that a couple of years ago and subsequently introduced just the odd weekend of free listing, this has now been squeezed down to 100 listings. I have had to jump ship and try my luck elsewhere now in order to protect my funds from being squuzed out by Ebay all the time, its pay for this and pay for that which includes shop listings and final value fees as well as listing the item, its all pay out. Well i didscovered a new unproven web site called freedabble.com. Its new and i have posted this on Ebay which is naughty but i want other Ebay users to save money as well and list for free. If i listed 2.500 items on ebay, time expiry is every 10 days , so i have to list 7500 in a month, they give you 100 free listings so i am paying for 7400 at least 10p each so that equats to £740 a month. Freedabble.com charges £25 for 100000 listings a month, or £18 for 1000 thats what i call a great saving. You dont have to follow my advise but i am all for saving money just like you. I will continue to float to and from Ebay when there is a free loaders to get what is free but you will be the sense in my madness. Vote below if you think this makes sense, thank you for reading this guide
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