Ebay members communication when buying an item

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For some reason a lot of ebay members seem to be accepting only Postal Orders, or cheques for purchases.

When you go to their ebay page once you have committed to buy you need their address to send payment.

Many state "Contact seller for address".It is not unusual to send 2, maybe 3 emails to obtain this information, maybe longer.

As the buyer is the only person who can access this page it makes sense that they should include their contact details on the ebay page in question..

I have mentioned this to several sellers who accept this and will provide their details on future transactions.

I am also good with regard to communicating when i send payment .I press the "Payment Sent" key to confirm this.

If i do not receive a response asking if my payment is received ny the Seller i keep emailing until i get an answer.Many ebayers (You know who you are!) do not respond to emails and sometimes a couple of weeks can go by before any sort of response is received.

I feel very strongly about the lack of responses to emails and out of some 750 transactions have just issued my first "Alert" as a Gentleman who lives in the UK/Spain will not confirm whether my payment has been received, or not.

I cant win though because once i leave the inevitable negative feedback he will do the same to me so how do i gain anything from this exercise?.

Come on ebayers when you receive an email get a "One liner" off to the sender it only takes a minute.

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