Ebay not always solve a problems as they should

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Wanted to respond to your text, that i once i had a problem with unfair car seller and ebay didn't protected me as a buyer (as they say). I won an auction for car, which was detaily explained and i was happy that i won auction, i took a day off my work, traveled 200 miles and found that car was in horible condition and not as described, so went away. Seller opened a case on ebay and , even after we had chart with seller via ebey emails and there you could see that seller was wrong, still ebay wanted to charge that amount of money from my account as i was a winner and i couln't do anything. It only saved me, that seller was some trader and had lots of only positive feedbacks and just decided to sell his own car, i promised to leave very negative feedback and ruin his good name as seller, only after that he closed a case and i hadn't been charge. There was and other story when i bought jeans where they were described as my fitmen size, but actualy was smaller. I opened a case, ebay replayed and ask to send them back to seller and show posting receipt to ebay, what i'd done, but at the end ebay said that its not enough proof that i send them back. So i lost jeans, payment for it and postage expences and nothing. So what i want to say, yes you're right, you can use your advice, but anyway be very awear of buying, and don't think that if any problems, that ebay will solve any problems right way. Regards 13monika-2009


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