Ebay once again are protecting the scammer and messers

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Am i the only the member loosing there patience with Ebay?? I have had nothing but trouble latley on here and it appears that it will not get much better.

I recently sold some lipotrim shakes on here and after being on a 7 day listing with no reserve it finished and i awaited payment. I receive nothing and after two emails to the buyer and 7 days later i opened a dispute. All he will get is a unpaid item strike! how scary for the buyer NOT! no wonder they mess us all about. I am now stuck with a listing fee that ebay refuse to refund me even though i never got my money! The moron who won the item turned out to be bidding on lots of the same item and just bought the one that was the cheapest but yet again Ebay dont care.

I then sold a car on Ebay, it got alot of attention and had hundreds of messages. it reached its reserve and 10 minutes after it ended i got a email from the lady who won it sayin she had bought a car the day before so no longer wants it!      how rude is that, she could easily have retracted her bid. And once again Ebay want me to pay the listing fee and im not allowed to leave negative feedback to warn other fee paying ebayers. Its seems that Ebay are only there to protect the messers and no one else

I rang there customer services and was spoken to in such a rude manor, i am going to put a complaint in against this particular supervisor and he was raising his voice and talking to me like a peice of you know what. "If you dont like it dont list things on ebay" great customer services that is!

I will soon be cancelling my Ebay account and will not be returning until it has sorted it policies out. I have spoke to alot of people who have recently cancelled theres and hopefully ebay will loose so many they will be forced to do somthing about it.

So be warned honest sellers the rules are now gone and the messers are on top form!!!!

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