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You can see all guides written by members quite easily by clicking on "see all", this is sortable by most helpful, most recent, least helpful and oldest. What you may not realise, is ebay is being very misleading in its definition of "most helpful". For some reason, best known to ebay, the most helpful list ALWAYS shows ebay guides first. Regardless of their helpfullness. Seeing as ebay does not allow users to actually vote "helpful" or "not helpful" on guides written by ebay itself (do they not have any faith in their own work?) no one knows if the guides actually are helpful. To see what has actually been voted "helpful" by REAL users, not ebay staff who are jumping the queue, and cheating, you need to ignore ALL the ones with a ebay logo on them until you get to the ones written by the users of ebay. That way you can see what the public voted. Dont just assume because its at the top of the list, it actually is helpful, it may be, but seeing as no one can vote on it, I would recommend skipping them until ebay allows a democratic process to apply to its own guides.
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