Ebook Success: How to distribute your Resellable Ebook

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Once you have your own resellable ebook you have a very powerful promotional tool in your hands.  However, this is no use to you if it's not distributed effectively as no one will read it.  In this article I discuss a number of ways that you can effectively distribute your ebook.

1) Sell it on eBay:- This is probably the most obvious way to distribute your own ebook.  Get some graphics ready for your ebook (either design your own or get a professional graphic designer to do it for you) and then list the item on eBay with resell rights.  A certain proportion of customers will also resell your ebook increasing its distribution.

2) Include Graphics, a Delivery Email and a Sale Page:- Always make your ebook as easy as possible for potential resellers to sell.  Looking at it from the resellers viewpoint, lets say they receive two ebooks - A and B;
- A) Includes a sales page, graphics and a delivery email.
- B) Includes just the ebook.

Which one are they going to resell?  It will be most likely ebook A because it's virtually ready to go on sale.  With ebook B the reseller will have to get graphics, design a sales page and come up with a delivery email, all of which take time and effort.  The majority of ebook sellers will take the easy option so including all the above is a must.

3) Give it away on your Website or About Me page:- If you want as many people as possible to have a copy of your ebook then give it away for free.  The problem with this strategy is that people may devalue your work if it is freely available.  I would therefore advise you give it away in exchange for the customers email address.  People will value your work more if they have to give something (even if it's not money) to receive your ebook.  You can give your ebook away on your website, eBay About Me page - or both.

4) Give it away on Forums:- Many online forums have a free ebook section where you can give away your free ebook.  One such example is The Warrior Forum's Free Ebook Section.  These are a great source of exposure for your ebooks and cost you absolutely nothing.

5) Give it away to your Subscribers:- As I've said before if you don't have an email subscriber list then get one.  If you do then this is a great place to distribute your ebook.  Since the subscribers have opted in to receive content from you it is likely they will be interested in your ebook and want to resell it.

6) Give it away to other eBay Ebook Sellers:- Have a little search on eBay and find some eBay ebook sellers.  Then get in touch with them through eBay simply telling them about your new ebook and asking if they would like to resell it.  If they do - Great.  If not, you've wasted a few minutes at the most.  Most eBay ebook sellers will be happy to resell your ebook because it's new content which they have paid nothing to acquire.

7) Give it away to other people's Subscribers:- As I have told you previously many eBay ebook sellers have their own newsletter.  Furthermore, many non-eBay ebook sellers run their own newsletters too.  A quick search of eBay and/or Google will allow you to find some related newsletters.  Once you've found a few, get in touch with the person who runs the newsletter and tell them that you have just written a new ebook with resell rights.  Ask them if they would like to sell the ebook to their newsletter or give it away for free.  Most newsletter owners will take you up on this offer.

8) Make your Ebook Brandable:- Making your ebook brandable allows your customers to change certain links and/or text in your ebook.  For example, say you link to one of your products within your ebook and this product has an affiliate program, then you can let customers rebrand links to this product with their own affiliate link.  Alternatively you can let them brand the ebook with a link to their website.  The choice is yours.

But why would you want customers to change links within your ebook?  Quite simply because it makes them more likely to resell your ebook themselves.  If there's an opportunity to earn an affiliate commission or get some extra website traffic by redistributing someone else's ebook, most people will take this opportunity.

And there you have it, 8 simple ways to distribute your own resellable ebook more effectively.  Remember, more exposure for your ebook will ultimately mean more traffic and sales for you, so get implementing these ideas as soon as you can.

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