Ebook Success: Why Create your own Premium Ebook?

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If you've been following my advice so far then you should have an almost fully automated store, fully stocked with resellable ebooks, some of which have been created by you.  All seems to be going well, but you are missing one key component - Your very own Premium Ebook.  Why you may ask?  Here is a list of reasons below:

1) You will have your own Unique Product:- If you create your own premium ebook then you have a unique product, only available from you.  This is a very powerful asset because it provides customers with a strong reason to come to you and your eBay store.  Although customers may be tempted by resell right products in your eBay store, these will be available elsewhere.  Your own premium product on the other hand will not.

2) You have full control over the Price:- With a resell rights product you can set the price initially.  However, as other resellers start to sell this product the price will invariably be forced down.  With your own premium product you can set the price and this is the price customers will have to pay.  If they don't like it then there's nowhere else they can go to get your product.  Therefore, you (and not the market) have the greatest control over the price of your ebook.

3) It is a valuable Branding Tool:- By selling a high quality premium ebook customers will associate this high quality with your brand.  For example by selling "How to set up a Successful, Automated Ebook Business on eBay", a product I believe is high quality, I hopefully have customers associate quality with The Ebook Cavern brand.  Plus, you can provide links to your other products, websites and newsletters within this premium ebook, further building your brand.

4) It allows you to recruit Affiliates:- With premium products you have the option to start an affiliate program, and recruit affiliates (people who help sell your products in exchange for a commission on the sale).  This can help improve your traffic and sales.  If you're looking for an affiliate program I would recommend ClickBank.  They charge you a 10% fee on each sale and a $49.95 activation fee, but they are one of the largest digital product affiliate networks on the Internet and I would say it's money well spent.  Plus, it's very easy to set up and ClickBank take care of tracking all the affiliate sales for you.

So there you have it.  These are just a few reasons why you need your own premium product.  A good premium product can seriously improve your brand image and generate a lot of additional revenue.  I've certainly noticed the difference since I created "How to set up a Successful, Automated Ebook Business on eBay" and certainly plan to create more.  If you take anything from this article, then take your first steps towards creating your own premium product and start thinking of some ideas for your very own today.
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