Electric Cigarette rolling Machine

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AT the moment the Cigarette rolling Machine, has taken off in popularity because of the high price of cigarettes and the tax that is imposed.
I have come across machines from all over the world and price should not be the deciding factor for purchasing one.
The best way to purchase is by demographics or the country where you live, I believe that almost all of the machines come from Asia and perhaps a few from Europe but really what matters to you is, does it work properly and do I have recourse if it goes wrong.

Many companies are offering a two year warranty but what is the point of a two year warranty when they have no back end website and address to contact them if things go wrong? Most of these machines start at around $100.00 £50.00 up to $449.00 so they are not expensive and will probably pay for themselves in a few weeks as advertised, but if it goes wrong the need to claim an your warranty is a must! I am a great believer that if a warranty says two years It should be for two years and whether it cost a pound or a thousand pounds it should not matter, you are spending your money and the consumer is king.

So try and purchase from someone in your country especially if it has a different kind of plug and voltage as these things could void the warranty, it is ok using these step up transformers but for a few pounds more you can have the proper machine doing its job properly and ensuring longevity.

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